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Exam 1 Learning Exercises - Chapter 1 Learning Exercise...

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Chapter 1 Learning Exercise Answers 1.1 bad, difficult, painful - dys- 1.2 excessive, increased hyper- 1.3 enlargement -megaly 1.4 pain, suffering -algia 1.5 surgical removal –ectomy 1.6. abnormal condition or disease –osis 1.7. abnormal softening –malacia 1.8. deficient, decreased hypo- 1.9. inflammation -itis 1.10. tissue death –necrosis 1.11. bleeding, bursting forth -rrhage 1.12. creation of an artificial opening to the body surface –ostomy 1.13. surgical incision –otomy 1.14. surgical repair –plasty 1.15. surgical suturing –rrhaphy 1.16. visual examination -scopy 1.17. rupture -rrhexis 1.18. abnormal narrowing –stenosis 1.19. abnormal hardening -sclerosis 1.20. flow or discharge –rrhea 1.21. The term describes any pathologic change or disease in the spinal cord. myelopathy myopathy pyelitis pyrosis 1.22. The medical term for higher than normal blood pressure is . hepatomegaly hypertension hypotension supination 1.23. The term means pertaining to birth. natal perinatal postnatal prenatal 1.24. Pain is classified as a . diagnosis sign symptom syndrome 1.25. In the term myopathy, the suffix -pathy means . abnormal condition disease inflammation swelling 1.26. white blood cell leukocyte 1.27. prediction of the outcome of a disease prognosis 1.28. swelling caused by excess fluid in the body tissues edema 1.29. sudden onset acute 1.30. turning the palm of the hand upward supination 1.31. examination procedure palpation 1.32. male gland prostate 1.33. pathologic tissue change lesion 1.34. pounding heart palpitation 1.35. torn, ragged wound, or an accidental cut wound laceration Select the correct answer and write it on the line provided. 1.36. The medical term describes an inflammation of the stomach. gastritis gastrosis 1.37. The formation of pus is called . supination suppuration 1.38. The term meaning wound or injury is . trauma triage 1.39. The term means pertaining to a virus. viral virile
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1.40. An is the surgical removal of the appendix. appendectomy appendicitis S PELLING C OUNTS Find the misspelled word in each sentence. Then write that word, spelled correctly, on the line provided. 1.41. A disease named for the person who discovered it is known as an enaponym. Eponym 1.42. A localized response to injury or tissue destruction is called inflimmation. Inflammation 1.43. A fisure of the skin is a groove or crack-like sore of the skin. Fissure 1.44. The medical term meaning the inflammation of a nerve or nerves is neuroitis. Neuritis 1.45. The medical term meaning inflammation of the tonsils is tonsilitis. Tonsillitis M ATCHING T ERMS Write the correct answer in the middle column. Definition Correct Answer Possible Answers 1.46. abnormal condition or disease of the stomach gastrosis 1.47. a set of signs and symptoms syndrome 1.48. rupture of a muscle myorrhexis 1.49. stomach pain gastralgia 1.50. any acute pus-forming bacterial skin infection pyoderma 1.51. The abnormal hardening of the walls of an artery or arteries is called .
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Exam 1 Learning Exercises - Chapter 1 Learning Exercise...

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