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Special Senses The Eye and Ears Quiz B

Special Senses The Eye and Ears Quiz B - 12 Which condition...

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Special Senses: The Eye and Ears - Quiz B 1. Which diagnostic test involves the use of air pressure in the ear canal to test for disorders of the middle ear? tympanometry 2. Which condition is a localized swelling inside the eyelid resulting from the obstruction of a sebaceous gland? chalazion 3. Which medical term describes a sense of whirling, dizziness, and the loss of balance? vertigo 4. Which condition is a vision defect in which light rays focus in front of the retina? myopia 5. Which condition is strabismus characterized by an inward deviation of one or both eyes? esotropia 6. Which structure is a fluid-filled cavity that vibrates when sound waves strike it? cochlear duct 7. Which condition is also known as night blindness? nyctalopia 8. Which condition is a fungal infection of the external auditory canal? otomycosis 9. Which diagnostic test measures intraocular pressure? tonometry 10. Which laser treatment is used to reattach a detached retina? laser retinopexy 11. Which structure is the opaque middle layer of the eyeball? choroid
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Which condition is characterized by the loss of central vision? macular degeneration 13. Which structure of the eye is located between the back of the iris and the front of the lens? posterior chamber 14. Which condition is an area of absent or depressed vision surrounded by areas of normal vision? scotoma 15. Which term describes the region in the eye where the nerve endings of the retina gather to form the optic nerve? optic disk 16. Which structures are important in maintaining equal atmospheric pressure within the middle ear? eustachian tubes 17. Which structure or structures transmit information to the brain to ensure that equilibrium of the body is maintained? semicircular canals 18. Which type of hearing loss is progressive and associated with aging? presbycusis 19. Which condition of the middle ear results in a conductive hearing loss? otosclerosis 20. Which structure forms a protective covering of the exposed surface of the eyeball? conjunctiva...
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Special Senses The Eye and Ears Quiz B - 12 Which condition...

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