The Cardiovascular System Quiz B

The Cardiovascular System Quiz B - has been withdrawn from...

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The Cardiovascular System - Quiz B 1. Which medication increases urine secretion to rid the body of excess sodium and water? diuretic 2. Which condition is the hardening and narrowing of the arteries due to a buildup of cholesterol plaques? atherosclerosis 3. Which term describes the sudden blockage of a blood vessel by a foreign object, such as a blood clot, circulating in the blood? embolism 4. Which blood disorder is characterized by anemia in which the red blood cells are larger than normal? megaloblastic anemia 5. Which term describes the inflammation of a vein? phlebitis 6. Which term describes an abnormally rapid resting heartbeat? tachycardia 7. Which tissue forms the inner layer of the heart? endocardium 8. Where does the blood flow when it leaves the right atrium? right ventricle 9. Which term describes any abnormal or pathologic condition of the blood? blood dyscrasia 10. Which condition is a benign tumor made up of newly formed blood vessels? hemangioma 11. Which term describes the process of separating the plasma and formed elements from blood that
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Unformatted text preview: has been withdrawn from the body? plasmapheresis 12. Which medication causes blood vessels to constrict and become narrower? vasoconstrictor 13. Which diagnostic procedure is a radiographic examination of the veins? phlebography 14. Which condition is a disorder of the blood vessels located outside the heart and brain? peripheral vascular disease 15. Which condition is an inflammation of the tissue surrounding the heart? pericarditis 16. Which term is used to describe all diseases of the heart muscle? cardiomyopathy 17. Which heart valve is located between the left atrium and the left ventricle? mitral valve 18. Which term means to control bleeding? hemostasis 19. Which term describes any situation in which the total number of leukocytes in the circulating blood is less than normal? leukopenia 20. Which structure of the heart establishes the basic rhythm and rate of the heartbeat? sinoatrial node...
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The Cardiovascular System Quiz B - has been withdrawn from...

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