The Digestive System Quiz B

The Digestive System Quiz B - proctectomy 13 Which term...

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The Digestive System - Quiz B 1. Which condition is a yellow discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes, and eyes caused by greater-than-normal quantities of bilirubin in the blood? jaundice 2. Which condition is the rumbling noise caused by the movement of gas in the intestine? borborygmus 3. Which condition is a protrusion of part of the stomach through the diaphragm? hiatal hernia 4. Which condition is caused by the temporary stoppage of intestinal peristalsis? ileus 5. Which test is used to detect hidden blood in the stools? Hemoccult 6. Which term means excessive vomiting? hyperemesis 7. Which structure prevents the flow of waste from the large intestine back into the small intestine? ileocecal valve 8. Excess glucose in the liver is stored in what form? glycogen 9. Which condition is characterized by the twisting of the intestine on itself, causing an obstruction? volvulus 10. Which term describes pain or discomfort in digestion? dyspepsia 11. Which term means vomiting? emesis 12. Which medical term describes the surgical removal of the rectum?
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Unformatted text preview: proctectomy 13. Which term describes a surgical connection between two hollow or tubular structures? anastomosis 14. Which term describes the process of breaking down body cells or substances? catabolism 15. Which condition is the protrusion of a small loop of bowel through a weak place in the lower abdominal wall? inguinal hernia 16. Which procedure is the endoscopic examination of the interior of the rectum and sigmoid colon? sigmoidoscopy 17. Which procedure is the placement of a feeding tube through the nose and into the stomach? nasogastric intubation 18. Which eating disorder is characterized by an abnormal craving or appetite for nonfood substances, such as dirt, paint, or clay, that lasts for at least 1 month? pica 19. Which bacterial infection of the intestines is characterized by paralysis and is often fatal? botulism 20. Which condition is the passage of black stools containing digested blood? melena...
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The Digestive System Quiz B - proctectomy 13 Which term...

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