The Reproductive Systems Quiz B

The Reproductive Systems Quiz B - Which condition is an...

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The Reproductive Systems - Quiz B 1. Which term describes a serious complication of pregnancy characterized by convulsions and sometimes coma? eclampsia 2. Which term describes a woman who has never borne a viable child? nullipara 3. Which structures are the long, narrow continuations of each epididymis? vas deferens 4. Which condition is a narrowing of the opening of the foreskin so it cannot be retracted to expose the glans penis? phimosis 5. Which condition is the abnormal implantation of the placenta in the lower portion of the uterus? placenta previa 6. Which term describes the transition phase between having regular menstrual periods and no periods at all? perimenopause 7. Which term means tearing or laceration of the vaginal wall? colporrhexis 8. Which term describes the structure that allows the exchange of nutrients and waste products between the mother and child? placenta 9. Which of these conditions is a yeast infection? candidiasis 10. Which structure(s) catches the mature egg as it leaves the ovary? fimbriae 11.
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Unformatted text preview: Which condition is an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining of the cervix? endocervicitis 12. Which condition is severe itching of the external female genitalia? pruritus vulvae 13. During delivery, which term describes the appearance of the baby's head at the vaginal orifice? crowning 14. Which term describes the condition of having the presence of blood in the seminal fluid? hemospermia 15. Which condition is pain caused by uterine cramps during a menstrual period? dysmenorrhea 16. Which condition is the congenital absence of one or both testicles? anorchism 17. Which term means an accumulation of pus in a fallopian tube? pyosalpinx 18. Which of these highly contagious sexually transmitted diseases is caused by a virus? genital herpes 19. From implantation through the 8th week of pregnancy, what term is used to describe the developing child in the uterus? embryo 20. Which structure is an organ of sensitive, erectile tissue in the female? clitoris...
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The Reproductive Systems Quiz B - Which condition is an...

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