The Respiratory System Quiz A

The Respiratory System Quiz A - laryngoscopy 12 A/An is...

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The Respiratory System - Quiz A 1. A/An __________ is the surgical repair or alteration of parts of the nasal septum. septoplasty 2. The passage of a tube through the nose or mouth and into the trachea to establish or maintain an open airway is known as __________ intubation. endotracheal 3. A/An __________ is an emergency procedure performed to gain access to the airway below a blockage. tracheotomy 4. A/An __________ is administered to prevent or relieve coughing. antitussive 5. A/An __________ is the surgical removal of all or part of a lung. pneumonectomy 6. The absence of oxygen from the body's gases, blood, or tissues is known as __________ . anoxia 7. The abnormal buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood is known as __________ . hypercapnia 8. Any interruption of normal breathing resulting in asphyxia is known as __________ or suffocation. asphyxiation 9. A pulse __________ is an external monitor placed on the patient's finger or earlobe to measure the oxygen saturation level in the blood. oximeter 10. A sleep apnea study is also known as __________ . polysomnography 11. The direct visual examination of the larynx is known as __________ .
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Unformatted text preview: laryngoscopy 12. A/An __________ is medication that expands the opening of the passages into the lungs. bronchodilator 13. The absence of spontaneous respiration is known as __________ . apnea 14. The condition caused by coal dust in the lungs is known as __________ . anthracosis 15. A collection of blood in the pleural cavity is called __________ . hemothorax 16. The progressive loss of lung function in which the chest sometimes assumes an enlarged barrel shape is known as __________ . emphysema 17. The __________ is the muscle that separates the thoracic cavity from the abdomen. This muscle makes breathing possible. diaphragm 18. A/An __________ is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the lungs and associated tissues. pulmonologist 19. Pain in the pleura that occurs in relation to breathing movements is known as __________ . pleurodynia 20. A/An __________ is a collection of pus within a body cavity. empyema...
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The Respiratory System Quiz A - laryngoscopy 12 A/An is...

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