The Skeletal System Quiz B

The Skeletal System Quiz B - of the spine chiropractor 10...

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The Skeletal System - Quiz B 1. Which condition is commonly known as a slipped or ruptured disk? herniated disk 2. Which condition is characterized by extensive bone destruction followed by abnormal bone repair? Paget's disease 3. Which term describes the total displacement of a bone from its joint? dislocation 4. In which type of fracture is the bone is bent and only partially broken? greenstick fracture 5. Which type of arthritis is characterized by deposits of uric acid in the joints? gouty arthritis 6. Which term describes the death of bone tissue resulting from a poor blood supply to an area of bone? osteonecrosis 7. Which term means the act of holding, suturing, or fastening a bone in a fixed position with strapping or a cast? immobilization 8. Which term describes a degenerative disorder that can cause the loss of normal spinal structure and function? spondylosis 9. Which professional uses manipulative treatments for disorders originating from the misalignment
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Unformatted text preview: of the spine? chiropractor 10. Which type of joint provides the greatest flexibility of movement? synovial joint 11. Which type of bone fracture is associated with osteoporosis? Colles' fracture 12. Which is the smaller and shorter bone of the forearm? radius 13. Which structure covers and protects the joint surfaces of bones? articular cartilage 14. Which term describes the opening in a bone through which blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments pass? foramen 15. Which bone is the larger weight-bearing bone of the lower leg? tibia 16. Which portion of a long bone is located nearest to the midline? proximal epiphysis 17. Which condition is the abnormal softening of cartilage? chondromalacia 18. Which condition is an inflammation of bone and bone marrow? osteomyelitis 19. Which procedure is a surgical incision into the skull? craniotomy 20. Which term means relating to the formation of blood cells? hemeostasis...
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The Skeletal System Quiz B - of the spine chiropractor 10...

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