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Guidelines for LE 691 Papers Calvin A. Kent, Ph.D. Manual of Style Unless otherwise noted all papers should follow the form and style in Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5 th ed . Both University book stores have these and they are in both libraries. Length Papers are to be 1 0 – 1 2 pages exclusive of cover sheet, bibliography, charts, tables, appendices and graphs. Cover Sheet The cover sheet should contain the title of the paper typed in caps and the name of the student centered approximately 1/3rd way down on the page. The name of the Professor and class (“Prepared for…” “In partial fulfillment of requirements for…”) should be centered approximately 2/3rds way down on the page. The date should be on the last line before the bottom margin. Headings The headings improve the readability of a paper. Major division headings should be centered in
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Unformatted text preview: caps, underlined or in bold. Major points under division headings should be free standing side heads and underlined. Minor division under major points should be paragraph side heads and underlined. Type and Spacing All papers should be in either Times Roman or Ariel font. Papers should be single spaced with page numbers at the bottom, centered. Twelve point type is to be used. Quotations of more than three lines should be indented. Binding Do not bind the paper or use a folder of any type! Paperclip or clasp in the upper left hand corner. Do not staple! Prose The paper is to be written in the third person. Exceptions would be direct quotes containing first person usage. Submission All papers are due on Dec 6, 2011 at the start of class. Electronic copies are to be submitted prior to the start of class on Dec 6, 2011 ....
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