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Strengths Brand equity Strong profitability Internet search engine leader Strong market position AdWords and AdSense programs Ancillary services (Youtube, Gmail, etc) Strong presence in professional networking space Simple user interface The search engine also provides localized  searching where the users get results according to their  regionslist It directly routes its users to the webpage without  lingering on another site for ad. Revenue. Weaknesses Political issues Inability to monetize  Youtube Weak presence in social  networking space Too much liquidity Lack of product  integration Low efficiency of asset 
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Unformatted text preview: utilization • Stock problems • No strategy for contraction • Skyrocketting cost for datacentre Opportunities • Increasing worldwide online ad spending • New acquisitions • Worldwide internet growth usage • Owns very own web browser - Google Chrome. Capable to track seraching trend • Using higher value content on the web. Threats • Competition from Bing, Yahoo, smaller competitors • Legal trials • Reliance on Google network members • Privacy issues around content ownership • Slowdown in online ad-spend • Criticism against StreetView service • New technologies...
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