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Case 9 - Kenexa’s leaders have no excuses when it comes...

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Windy Pierre MAN3025 10/18/10 Chapter 9 Case Study There are many ways that make a workplace fun. One of the biggest ways in doing this giving up all possible notion there is in mind that being in a state of professionalism means being serious all the time. The workplace or better yet work setting is a surround that opens you to the opportunity to have a great time with fellow co-workers while still getting the job done. However there is quit a fine balance between work and fun but that doesn’t mean that they can’t go together. When was CEO of my business Readin Junki my co workers and I always got things done on time while the experience was very enjoyable because we knew the lines not to cross. Such as slacking off, taking naps, texting or talking on the phone on the job, and etc because we knew these were just distractions that would get in the way of us completing our job.
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Unformatted text preview: Kenexa’s leaders have no excuses when it comes to creating a productive performance management program because of the simple fact that they devise strategies to improve their work environment and recruit, evaluate, and keep talent. They do this to measure how naturally engaged an applicant would be on the job which shows much dedication and needed focus to success in a certain mission. If I happened to be a salesperson for Kenexa the key talking points in my sales pitch would have to understanding and relating to the customer at hand. I definitely wouldn’t be too pushy but not to lenient as well. There would be equilibrium among those to. But my main focus of course wouldn’t be getting the sale but helping the customer and helping them leave satisfied and a steps closer to the destination they hope to reach....
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