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case 10 - the work done It’s implication to mix gender...

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Windy Pierre MAN3025 10/18/10 Chapter 10 Case Study The role is to expected behaviors for given position. They are many roles like episodes, overload, conflict, and ambiguity. The norms are to share attitudes, opinions, feelings, or actions that guide social behavior. Norms are developed in four ways explicit statements by supervisors or co-workers, Critical events in the group’s history, primacy and carryover behaviors form past situations. To do a concepts of roles and norms figure into this case. The role is for the rig manager to be in control of the rig all the time. It’s the manager’s job to control the work scheduler, safety and performance. The norm would be the works coming together getting
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Unformatted text preview: the work done. It’s implication to mix- gender work groups both groups can learn from each other. The best way to combat sexual is to have everybody dress the some way. Having uniforms are great ways that female works are not dressing to sexy. The attitude shifts make groupthink more or less likely. Attitude is a very important item when working in a group. If the attitude good the group will work better and faster, are if the attitude bad group may not work that well together. But it’s always good to have a great attitude....
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