case 13 - her business and co workers a well so the result...

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Windy Pierre MAN3025 10/18/10 Chapter 13 Case Study Selina Lowas known a s a aggressive and successful salesperson who went after what she wanted and didn’t let anything stand in her way when it came to her business. She made financial offers that she knew people couldn’t refuse and because of her fierness many companies were served. The function and dysfunctional conflict apparent in the case knows where not to cross the line. One day when she got in a heated argument with a major investor Lo realized she had crossed the line where the ugly truth was starring her in the face that in order to win some she has to lose some. With a boss like Selina I would just corporate and follow reasonable instructions after all she is my boss however there are limitations of respect that exist and I would make sure that she was aware of them. Selina got a group assisting in matters of emotional intelligence because she paid attention to her issue and how it affect not only her but
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Unformatted text preview: her business and co workers a well so the result of this was her becoming very self driven . After all she was the way she was because she was a women in a male dominate industry not to make excuses for her but that has to be brought to attention as well. Selina admitted that she was going what the book said to do which was be hands off and let people make their own mistakes but she ended up learning for the book and she hated it. Selina grew to like things that were settled which resulted in arguments ended when she left the room. The final straw to Selina was when for the first time she found herself managing people she had recruited and hired where she couldn’t help but to feel a sense of unfamiliar obligation for the lives and joy of the employees not just the engineers and marketers that she usually showed favoritisms. Selina is a woman of fierce successes but she’s still learning from herself and the game of business....
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case 13 - her business and co workers a well so the result...

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