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Coach Knight: The will to win No one can ever say that Coach Knight was not one of the great coaches in college basketball. But his legacy will always be tarnish by the methods of coaching and leadership that he uses. His coaching style was very controversial and eventually led to his termination from the university. Coach Knight believed in hard work and preparation for games. He demanded nothing but the best from his players and pushed them to strive for excellence. He did not play favorites among players, and did not tolerate egos or slacking off. As a motivational tool, he was known to use profanity and intimidation. He also displayed indications of a fiery temper, which he dismissed as passion. Maybe if coach knight have taken
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Unformatted text preview: this class he cause of learned a thing or two about leadership and behavior. Some influence tactic that he causes of implemented in his coach methods are: Rational persuasion, inspirational appeals, and transformational leadership. One of the methods that he cause of use is the rational persuasion. That would have helped him to create a persuasion for the team to play at their best. Inspirational appeal is a great way that coach knight could of use to get the team going without using profanity and intimidation. That would help the team to get on one goal one team. Also, being a role model the team with the use of profanity and intimidation would have made him a transformational leadership....
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