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Hands on training Homework

Hands on training Homework - The Methods to Complete column...

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Hands on training Homework: MyMISLab with ACCESS training in MyITLab Click Part 1: Information Systems in the Digital Age Click Chapter 3: Achieving Competitive Advantage with IS Click End of Chapter Assignments Scroll down to Hands on MIS Exercises with myitlab Training and Click it Click Chapter 3: Microsoft Access 2007 Training (the one with the hand circled in blue) You can select any ( Questions ) hands on training listed on the left by clicking the “Launch” button with the green arrow on the right.
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Unformatted text preview: The Methods to Complete column contains the details of what you will be doing during the hands on training when you Launch the training session for that Question. So, scroll down and read the steps to get familiar with what you’re going to do or just jump right in and Launch it! Example: If you want to know “How to Open a Database and Start the Query” scroll down to that topic, read the ‘Methods to Complete’ and/ or Launch that particular training exercise....
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