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MidTerm Assignments - Prepare a 15 Minute powerpoint...

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MidTerm Project Assignments Team Pairs of Web Stores with overlapping market segments Blue Target.com vs. Sephora.com Gray Woot.com vs. Amazon.com Green Petco.com vs. healthy food for pets.com Orange Llbean.com vs. rei.com Purple Macys.com vs. Jared.com Red Wal-Mart.com vs. Office Depot.com Yellow Whole Foods.com vs. Publix.com Instructions: Research both web sites Answer the Questions on the slide
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Unformatted text preview: Prepare a 15 Minute powerpoint presentation with your answers. 9 slides ONLY including title slide with group information. DO NOT copy and paste content from website or place long sentences in power point. Email your Presentation no later than 10 PM Thursday night March 18 th . Late points will be deducted after 10 PM...
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