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Modeling Business Processes

Modeling Business Processes - Modeling Business Processes...

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Modeling Business Processes The main objective of process modeling is the definition of the as-is process flow. Process modeling needs to answer the following questions: What is the outcome of the business process? What activities are performed within the business process? What is the order of activities? Who performs the activities? Which business documents are exchanged within the process? How foolproof is the process, and how can it be extended in the future? After answering these and some other questions, we get a good insight into how the process works. We can also identify structural, organizational, and technological weak points and even bottlenecks , and identify potential improvements to the process. We model business process to satisfy the following objectives: To specify the exact result of the business process. To understand the business value of the result. To understand the activities of the business process. Knowing the exact tasks and activities that have to be performed is crucial to understanding the details of the process.
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