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Penmenn Ink - and send it to whomever you wish to look as...

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At Penmenn Ink we don’t only deliver or mail cards for you but we happily take care of sending whatever emotions you desire to lock into an envelope for someone. We specialize in helping people connect and share a message from the heart. We are extremely compassionate about sending your cards with the upmost quality and creativity that you desire. We are best known for our excellent service in saving people time and money. We offer the option of sending cards to whoever you wish in just 24 hours. All you have to do is chose which card you would like to send from our wide range of cost efficient greeting cards and type in what you would like us to write for you. Let’s take a second and examine how much time you will be saving. To go and pick up a card you will be spending fifteen to thirty the most, to write insides takes about five to ten minutes on average, and to go to the post office it takes twenty to thirty minutes. We will hand write your cards with excellent penmanship all within twenty four hours
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Unformatted text preview: and send it to whomever you wish to look as if you did it. We’ll do it all for you our well appreciated customer. We are a family owned business determined and destined to keep our customers happy and well. We are right by your side during the most important times of the year for any holiday and occasion. Penmenn Ink originates in Miami where our headquarters manufacture and distribute cards all over the U.S aside from constantly being active citizens in the community where our employers and customers live and work. Our cutting edge quality adds the individuality of the customer to their card leaving the receiver of the card clueless that we sent and wrote the card form you. The discreet way we pour our customers vision onto his card to his receiver has been the reason we’ve gained the trust of so many people who work with us and we don’t plan to fail them....
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