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SG Cowen - • Groupthink • 4 Statement of Criteria state...

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Windy Pierre 11/08/2010 MAN 3301 SG Cowen Case Study 1. Statement of Problem: SG Cowen goal is to recruit the best of the best candidates from the top core business schools. But, the hiring practice of SG Cowen is unfair and out of the norm. Do to the fact that candidates from noncore business school are not giving a fair opportunity. The overall processes may not allow for the overall best candidates to be selected. 2. Write the title of the case: SG Cowen 3. Statement of Facts: SG Cowen's strategy is to recruit from core business school. SG Cowen recruited on campus using the school’s alumni’s. The on campus recruiters are not human professional. They had the highest recruits from Cornell. SG Cowen feels that they can benefit from the high quality of candidates. On-Campus round Out of 24 candidates only 6 candidates go on to the next step Super Saturday
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Unformatted text preview: • Groupthink • 4. Statement of Criteria: state in bullet statement (no need to explain but must be relevant to your case study). Examples: (Cost) Solution must be affordable, (Legally Defensible) must be in compliance with current laws, (Ethical) must not violate company ethics and core values, fair to all affected etc. 5. Statement of Alternative Solutions and Consequences; • Solution # 1: __________________________________________ o Positive consequences: state all in bullet format o Negative consequences: sate all in bullet format • Solution # 2: __________________________________________ o Positive consequences in bullet format o Negative consequences in bullet format • Solution # 3: __________________________________________ o Positive consequences in bullet format o Negative consequences in bullet format...
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