MAN3301-Final Exam 2010

MAN3301-Final Exam 2010 - Windy Pierre Miami Dade College...

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Windy Pierre Miami Dade College School of Business, North Campus Human Resources Management –MAN 3301 (BAS in Supervision in Management) Reference# 589019 Final Exam Provide your answer in a brief essay: 1. What are the five basic functions of the management process? Explain some of the specific activities involved in each function. Which function is most closely associated with human resource management? Management is a never ending process. There are five basic functions of the management process. Some of the functions are closer to associating with human resource management. The five basic functions are Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Controlling. Organizing is divided into organizing and staffing so that the importance of staffing in small businesses receives emphasis alongside organizing. In the management literature, directing and leading are used interchangeably. Planning is the ongoing process of developing the business' mission and objectives and determining how they will be accomplished. Planning includes both the broadest view of the organization, its mission, and the narrowest, a tactic for accomplishing a specific goal. Staffing is filling and keeping filled with qualified people all positions in the business. Directing is influencing people's behavior through motivation, communication, group dynamics, leadership and discipline. Controlling is a four-step process of establishing performance standards based on the firm's objectives, measuring and reporting actual performance, comparing the two, and taking corrective or preventive action as necessary. Each of these functions involves creative problem solving. The function that is the most closely
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MAN3301-Final Exam 2010 - Windy Pierre Miami Dade College...

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