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MC - how it can come off to the other person it is being...

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Windy Pierre MAN3025 10/18/10 Managing Conflict in a Diverse Workplace I’m sure this encounters such as theses occur very often in the workplace all over however I think they each have a way of being handled properly and not crossing the line. Some things really aren’t that serious and aren’t even worth pursing or wasting a breath upon but some things are worth reporting and taking action. There is indeed a thin line between business, respect, and personal. Those are three lines that should be respected and not typed with and the importance of this matter is really brought out in this pamphlet. The best possible way to go is avoiding issues in the or place, thing before you speak, and think things through all the way. This about where the actions you are thinking about committing can lead you and how they can affect your relationship with your co-workers as well. Think about what you say before you say it and
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Unformatted text preview: how it can come off to the other person it is being said to. Something that you may take lightly another may not so think if the professional relationship really worth putting at risk. Be forward with whatever you are asking a person and don’t beat around the bush adding other possible meanings to your gestures. Business setting is a place for professionalism and nothing else. That doesn’t mean it has to be serious all the time but some matters shouldn’t be discussed in such places or between such people. Always familiarize yourself with company rules and procedures and go through the proper chain of commands when addressing an issue or think a though through. Keep personal issues out of the workplace which is a place to address business needs only and not personal is the best way to go to remain in a peaceful and professional setting leading to the unleashing of your truest potential....
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