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Unformatted text preview: Robert Byrne, 2266987 Ms. Julia Murphy English 111 20 September 2007 Challenges Facing Al-Ghazalis Perspective on Education in Contemporary Society In 1096, Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali completed what has become one of the most venerated and pervasive texts in the Muslim world, The Revival of Religious . Over time, Al- Ghazalis massive four-volume work has become one of the most widely read Islamic texts in history, and some would even say it is the second only to the Quran. One of the texts most fundamental arguments is in regard to education, which is highlighted in the section titled Manners to Be Observed by Teachers and Students. Al-Ghazali underlines ten and eight responsibilities of students and teachers, respectively. Foremost among these responsibilities are Al-Ghazalis belief that knowledge is the worship of mind that the mind should be pure of worldly associations because spiritual knowledge must be achieved before one can proceed to all other branches of academia. With this as a students goal, Al-Ghazali provides a series of expectations both for students and teachers and elaborates on the nature by which one should study and of the relationship between educator and pupil. While his ideals are admirable in theory, there are a number of shortcomings when his writings are applied to the contemporary education systems in secular cultures, such as in the United States of America. His two key drawbacks involve the archaic view of the master-pupil relationship and the contention that religion and education must be intertwined. Despite this, Al-Ghazalis work remains meaningful and continues to help shape educational institutions....
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Eng111_Al-Ghazali - Robert Byrne, 2266987 Ms. Julia Murphy...

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