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8B-Soln03-v1.0.1 - Coulomb’s Law says The flux of the...

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8B Worksheet Answers 3. Gauss’ Law and Electric Fields 1. a) b) Negative - the lines are entering the surface. c) Φ A = - Q / ε 0 d) | E (surface A)| = " Q 4 #$ 0 r A 2 Note that surface B is a closed ellipsoid surface (like the shell of an egg), not a disk, which is an open surface. e) f) Zero - every field line that enters surface B also leaves surface B. g) Φ B = 0 h) No - the electric field will vary depending on how far from the charge we are, as
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Unformatted text preview: Coulomb’s Law says. The flux of the electric field through all of surface B, however, is zero [the electric field would be zero if no lines entered or left the surface - saying the flux is zero amounts to saying that the number leaving minus the number entering is zero.]...
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