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4. a) b) Conversion: 6 ‘ lines ’ => 12 Q ==> 1 ‘ line ’ => 2 Q Q I = +12 Q ; Q 2 = -30 Q ; Q 3 = +6 Q c) Φ B = -12 Q / ε 0 d) Yes: We can see that 3 lines ‘leave’ surface B while 9 lines ‘enter’ surface B, giving a net flux of -6 lines. A flux of +6 lines gave Φ A for surface A, so the flux Φ B should be equal in magnitude and opposite in sign as Φ A , which it is! 5. a) FALSE : E only is guaranteed to be zero at places where the conductor actually is. For instance, E will not be zero inside the cavity where the + Q charge is. b) TRUE c) FALSE : To guarantee that there is no net electric field inside the conducting material, a net charge of - Q has to reside on the surface of the cavity containing the + Q charge. d) TRUE 6. a) Q 6.1 × 10 5 Coulombs
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