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8B-Soln07-v1.0.3 - 3 a 12 bulbs b 8 bulbs c The parallel...

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3. a) 12 bulbs b) 8 bulbs c) The parallel arrangement will result in the lowest effective resistance, and so the highest current. The power delivered by the battery is IV , so a higher current will result in a greater power, which will drain the battery’s energy fastest. d) FALSE : The battery’s internal chemical energy has all been converted to light and heat. The charge doesn’t get converted to anything, it just flows around the circuit. 4. a) The three appliances are connected in parallel (otherwise, shutting one of them off would shut all of them off.) b) FALSE : The battery will put out an (almost) constant voltage until it is depleted of energy. c) FALSE : The battery has the same potential difference, so the current it puts out will be the same, assuming none of the connected appliances have changed. d) P = IV = U / Δ t , so I = U / V Δ t = 5/9 V = 0.556 V e) R = I batt V " 1 R fan " 1 R radio # $ % % ( ( " 1 = 113.9 Ω 5. a) When the switch is open, there is nothing interrupting the path between bulbs 1 and
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