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8B-Soln05-v1.0.2 - c There are now `more places to put the...

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c) There are now ‘more places’ to put the charge. If C is already charged up, and we add 2 C in parallel, we have just added another path for current to take, so current will now start to flow through the battery again to create a charge distance on the new capacitor, which increases the total amount of charge you can store for a given potential difference! d) Imagine that the top plate of the C capacitor is positive. The middle arrangement of the bottom plate of the C capacitor, the top plate of the 2 C capacitor, and the connecting wire is initially neutral, and isolated , so the net charge will always be zero. The positive charges on the top plate of C and the negative charges on the bottom plate of 2 C ‘push’ and ‘pull’ electrons from the bottom plate of the middle segment to the top plate of the middle segment, leaving the net charge zero and creating a charge separation - up to the point that there will be a net charge - Q on the top plate (i.e. the bottom plate of the
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