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CFS 240 Chapter 07 - Chapter 7 Love Sexual Relationships...

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Chapter 7 – Love & Sexual Relationships Zick Rubin’s 3 components of love attachment – Desire for physical presence & emotional support caring – Concern for the others well-being intimacy – Desire for close, confidential communication Romantic love – state of extreme absorption & desire for union with another 4 components of romantic love 1. Psychological intense feelings of tenderness elation 2. Intellectual objectivity distortion (numbness, blind) 3. Behavioral risk taking, superhuman feats attempted (drive all night) 4. Biological rapid heart beat, panting breath, physiological arousal, stomach churns Companionate love – long-termed selflessness, caring, and compassion with the expectation of reciprocity 1.Psychological a. balance b. meaningful 2. Intellectual a. compatible with reality 3.Behavioral a. allows individualism, autonomy 4.Biological a. controlled passion 7 Flavors of Love 1. eros- Physical Attraction 2. ludus – Playfulness 3. storge - Warm Affection 4.
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  • Spring '08
  • Darnt
  • A. Intimacy B., communication Romantic love, churns Companionate love, Love versus Jealousy, blame Intimacy Source

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