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CFS 240 Chapter 09 - Chapter 9 Sexual Behavior Patterns I...

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Chapter 9 – Sexual Behavior Patterns I. Celibacy: Two Types A. Complete (no masturbation or sexual contact) & Partial (masturbation, but no sexual contact) B. Reasons for Celibacy 1.Health considerations (infections, STDs) 2.Past relationships – disappointments 3.Too busy C. Advantages of Celibacy 1.self-focus 2.autonomy 3.priorities – work, school D. Disadvantages of Celibacy 1.no physical affection 2.loneliness 3.social pressures - homosexual II. Dreams & Fantasies almost all men & 66% women experience dreams most common is intercourse with a loved one nocturnal orgasm – orgasm during sleep, both males & females experience o men ejaculate, women difficult to determine fantasies – wakeful thoughts A. Components of fantasies 1. imagination 2. creativity 3. playfulness B. Context of fantasies 1. preferential patterns – reoccurring themes 2. curiosity and creativity - curiosity – outlandish, silly, crazy, intriguing creativity – vivid memory 3. solitary or shared solitary – private, personal experience shared – fosters intimacy, increases understanding, decreases sexual inhibitions 4. intruding fantasies – unwanted, frightens, produces guilt, sexual inhibits
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C. Functions of Fantasy
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