2J+FINAL+REVIEW+NOTES - _test Absolutely converge...

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2J FINAL REVIEW NOTES PART 2: INFINITE SERIES SEQUENCE To find conv./div.: Limit properties pg.714 Absolute value theorem: Extras: - Squeeze theorem - Monotonic & bounded definition - Monotonic sequence theorem SERIES Definition & notation: To find conv./div.: 1.Test of divergence: 2.Special series: - - - 3.Similar to special series ________________ test _________________test: Limit __________________test: 4.Telescoping (__________________________) 5.Has factorial or (constant) n ______________test: 6.Has (terms of n) n ________________test: 7.Alternating series: 8. Integrate easily/trig function
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Unformatted text preview: _____________test: Absolutely converge: Conditionally converge: Absolutely convergence theorem: POWER SERIES Form: To find radius & interval of convergence 3 possibilities of power series: 1. 2. 3. Convert function to power series:-Key function: -Differentiation & integration: Taylor series: Maclaurine series: PART 1: DIAGONALIZATION Concept: Steps:-Find eigen value:-Find eigen vector for each value:-Find D:-Find X: A k = = YAY !!! YOU’RE DONE WITH 2J!!!! GOODLUCK & thank you for such a great quarter!!!...
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2J+FINAL+REVIEW+NOTES - _test Absolutely converge...

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