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PRAC_MT_2_2J_F09 - MATH 2J Lecture B Fall 2009 Instructor...

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MATH 2J Lecture B Fall 2009 Instructor: Professor R. C. Reilly PRACTICE MIDTERM EXAM #2 Instructions : (a) You may read these instructions at your leisure, but do not even glance at the questions in this exam until you are ready to sit down for 50 consecutive minutes to work on the problems, undisturbed by your roommate, the telephone, or the family dog; you should try to make this as close to a true exam experience as possible. (In particular, no music, iPods, sodas, cigarettes, etc – you won’t have such comforts available in the actual exam.) (b) As with the real exam, this practice version should be done ‘closed book’: No books, notes, calculators, PDAs, cell phones, etc. (c) Write out your answers completely and neatly, just as you are expected to do on real exams. Treat such a ‘Practice Exam’ as a sort-of ‘dress rehearsal’. (d) Needless to say, you should show all your work. (e) This ‘practice exam’ is not intended to be a perfect indication of what topics will or will not actually appear on the real midterm exam. For example, you may perhaps notice that some topics
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  • Spring '10
  • Characteristic polynomial, Practice midterm exam, Professor R. C. Reilly, general Taylor polynomial

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