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Exercise1 - replacing the air samplers in the box I was...

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Anusha Iyengar Engineering Technologist HL Winman and Associates Harry Vincent Regional Inspector Department of Enviornment Suite 304, 444 Waltham Avenue Abbotsford, BC V2S 7N2 To : Harry Vincent, Regional Inspector From: Anusha Iyengar, Engineering Technologist Date: 30 January, 2012 Subject: Air Sample Damaged due to Accident at Cormorant Dam I had been sent to supervise installation work at a remote construction project at Cormorant Dam by Vern Rogers on 20 January, 2012. I met with an accident that let to the damage of Vancourt MK 7 Air Sampler yesterday afternoon 29 January,2012. I have sent the damaged air sample through flight service. After successful noting of the air sample measurements on the 10 th day yesterday afternoon, I was
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Unformatted text preview: replacing the air samplers in the box. I was standing on a small platform halfway up some construction framework at dam. Suddenly, a shout followed by two sharp blows hit on my hardhat and the shoulder. A 3-meter length of 80 millimeter square construction lumber tumbled on me leading to knock out the air sample box from the hand. The box in misshapen and splintered, the air sampler inside is twisted. I have shipped the damaged air sample on Remick Airlines Flight 751 to be picked up from Abbotsford airport. Please find the attached airline's receipt. I would like you to send me another air sampler if you wish me to continue taking air pollution measurements. Attachment...
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