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To: M B Corrigan, Manager From: Anusha Iyengar, Team Leader Date: January 30, 2012 Subject: Theft at Whiteshell Lake This report briefs a theft incident occurred at Whiteshell lake today on January 30,2012. It also provides detail about the action taken to report the theft to local RCMP detachment and information required to send the stolen video camera replacement. I along with other three colleagues, namely Fran Pedersoen, Shawn Mahler and Servi Dashi were sent to a construction site beside the Mooswa River to record the progress of nuclear power generating station. We drove by Ford panel van license number HLW 279. The trip was authorized by Travel Order N-704 dated January 23, 2012 signed by you. Yesterday at 8:05 pm after driving 580 kilometers we took a stop at Clock Inn motel which is 3.5 kilometers west of Clearwater Village, on highway A1136 that skirts around WhiteShell Lake. While having breakfast today morning, Fran noticed that the van has broken into. The window on the front
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Unformatted text preview: passenger's door has been smashed and a wide hole in the dash was observed. Radio, camera and videotapes were stolen along with $6 from a tray in the dash. I reported the break-in and theft to RCMP detachment at Clearwater Village by telephone. They prefer me to report in person which I will be doing once I leave from here. I would like you to send me a replacement video camera by Greyhound bus on 1 February. Nabuchi TX200 Portacam video camera was rented from Meadows Electronics to record construction progress visually. The edited videotapes will be presented at the Power Authority Director's Meeting on February 22, 2012. I got aware that one bus passes a day through Freehampton, 27 kilometers north beside the Mooswa river and stops on request. I will call you tomorrow to confirm that the video camera has been sent and will drive to Freehampton to collect it. In future, the employees should be advised to take all the belongings with them instead of leaving in a vehicle....
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