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assgnment2 speech - Yap Thi My Rose M AC09201 Heart to...

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Yap, Thi My Rose M. AC09201 Heart to Heart Talk with My Best Buddy Catherine: Neng, my brother is dead. Me: Really? Why? What happened? Catherine: I don’t know. They texted me at 3 AM. I’m already asleep that time. I haven’t talk to them. I don’t know why I’m not crying. Me: Probably because as you told me, you’re not close to each other and you always fight with him. Catherine: Maybe. But we are already okay these past few months. We’re not fighting anymore. Me: So what is your plan now? Are you going home? Catherine: Yes, but I’m worrying because I don’t have money yet. I haven’t received my allowance from my scholarship. I don’t want to get from my mom. I’m worrying about her. She said she don’t have money the last time I texted her that’s why I didn’t get money from her. I didn’t even text her for a week because I don’t want her to worry. And now there’s another problem. I’m thinking what she’s feeling right now. She really loves my brother. She already lost a child before and now there’s another again. I don’t know what to do. (And she started crying
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