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legal research - Interviewer A Q A Q A Q A Q A Q A Q A Q A...

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Interviewer: I’m Q, a legal researcher. I will be asking several questions for our reference. Will that be okay with you? A : I’m fine with that. Q : Okay, let’s start. What’s your name? A : I am AAA. They call me A for short. Q : Can you tell me how old are you and where do you live? A : I am 19 years old. Q : And your address? A : Pitong Bunga, Marikina. Q : Is there anybody who lives with you in Marikina? A : I stay with my family. Q : Are you married? A : No. I live with my father and siblings. Q : Do you own the house? A : No. Q : Who owns the house? A : Auntie Bellum. Q : How are you related to Auntie Bellum? A : No. Q : Why call her Auntie? A : Everybody calls her Auntie. Q : Can you describe the house you are living with? A : It’s quite small. Q : How many bedrooms? A : Only one. Q : You said you are living with your father? What’s his name? A : FFF. Q : Since when have you been a resident of Marikina? A : Since August 1999. Q : How about your mother? A : My mother died three years ago.
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Q : How many brothers and sisters do you have? A : Two boys and two girls. Q : How old are they and what are their names? A : The one next to me is BBB, 15 years old. Next is CCC, 5 years old. DDD is 2 while EEE is one. Q : Where were you on September 20, 2010? A : I was at home. Q : You did not leave the house? A : No. Q : Don’t you go to school? September 20 was a Monday. A : I stopped going to school since my mother died. My father thinks we do not need to go to school. Besides, we do not have money to pay for the school fees. Q : Did you reach high school? A : No. I was only able to reach complete grade five. I am not good in school. Q : So you did not leave your house that day. What did you do all day? A : I did a general cleaning of our house. I started around 1:00 p.m. while my brothers and sisters were outside to play. Q : Why did you not start earlier? A : I have to do the laundry. Q : Okay. What time did you finish cleaning your house? A : Around 8:00 p.m.? Q : How did you know it’s 8:00 p.m. Do you have a watch or clock at home? A : We have a wall clock and my father usually goes home around that time.
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