A & P Lab 1 (2) - :Chapter 1 htips://darton

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Unformatted text preview: :Chapter 1 htips://darton view.usg.edulwebctlurw/1c798198702331.tp8799026993 ... .able View of: Introduction to A8tP:Chapter 1- - Save to File File: Lab Report I(This is what I need you to complete and "deliver" to me.) Anatomy and Physiology 2111: Lab 1 Lab Report Name: ~ Ii e IN BertHa - Si\<C:5 Section ~ 111 k - "i> This report must be submitted to me "hardcopy". The "start here" module describes ways to submit labs. Terminology and the Body Plan 1. Dem onstrate anatom ical position by drawing a stick figure and describing the position of the body and the lim bs. __ [ ~- - - S~\pevIO'( O'"'d o-t Pcd J 1\ C'RANJAL _I I-\NT-E'RJOR \j"I:f..1i'J Re:>iOV1- ---5~;-:Pro)<i'{'(1a\ero ,,{ '\lm b OJ::' II!i i t \ - - - + 'i~ ..1 . ''O\SfO'iI er6 at Ilr(lb ~ - - - - '} :( \+ '~ o '(e r d 0+~ aoI'"\ Why is a universal understanding of this position important? . J 2. Use the directional terms found in your lab to complete the following statements. More than one term may apply!...
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A & P Lab 1 (2) - :Chapter 1 htips://darton

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