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Lab 4 - epithelial cells that are damaged continuously...

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Julie W. Bentley-Sikes 2111K-08 Lab Report 4 1.) Briefly discuss five characteristics of epithelial tissue: 1. Cellularity: Epithelia are composed of cells bound closely together 2. Polarity: there are structural and functional differences between the exposed and attached surfaces 3. Attachment: the base of an epithelium is bound to a thin basement membrane. 4. Avascularity: they lack blood vessels 5. Regeneration:
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Unformatted text preview: epithelial cells that are damaged continuously replace themselves 3.) A simple gland is unbranched and a compound gland is branched. 4.) The general properties of connective tissue are: ground substance, cells and fibers 5.) Collagen: very thick bundles of collagen-- Reticular fibers: think bundles of collagen-- Elastin: stretchy branching bundles of elastin (not very strong)...
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