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Julie W. Bentley-Sikes Lab Report 13 BIO 2111K-08 1.) What is spinal fluid? A clear and colorless fluid that surrounds your brain and spinal cord. 2.) Where is it found in the body? Spinal fluid is found around the brain and spinal cord. 3.) Why might a patient need a spinal tap? To provide doctors with a sample of the patient’s spinal fluid to check for illnesses or to see if treatments and medicines are helpful to the patient. Spinal taps are also useful for giving treatments, such as chemotherapy, in the tap. 4.) How much spinal fluid is taken during a spinal tap? Two teaspoons 5.) Is the skin numbed for the procedure? Yes 6.) Why is the patient put in the C position? So that the patient’s vertebrae or spread apart for easy accessibility. 7.) How will the patient feel after the spinal tap? There is a chance of headache, but it usually goes away after lying down for a little while. THE LAB
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