Viral Gastroenteritis (2)

Viral Gastroenteritis (2) - Viral Gastroenteritis Viral...

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Viral Gastroenteritis Viral Gastroenteritis, (VG is what I have knick named it), is an intestinal infection that is caused by one of many different viruses. It is highly contagious, being the second most common illness in the United States. (NIDDK) Any person at any age may contract this virus, and most recover from it with no complications. No one quite knows where the virus originated from, but before we came to know an awful lot about it, it was referred to as, “typhoid fever” or “cholera morbus” (Wiki). Based on firsthand experience, I can honestly say that VG is pretty though to take. I recently acquired this virus, but am pretty much over it now, and it is something certainly not to be taken very lightly. The viruses that can cause VG include generally these four: 1. Rotavirus 2. Adenovirus 3. Calciviruses 4. Astrovirus(NIDDK) Whichever one of these 4 viruses that you contract damages the cells in the lining of the small intestine, causing fluid t o leak from the cells. This results in a watery diarrhea. I personally believe that I had one of the calciviruses, namely the norovirus. The other 3 categories are more targeted toward children and the elderly. Although noroviruses usually run rampant October-April, there are still outbreaks throughout the year. (Maryland)
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Viral Gastroenteritis (2) - Viral Gastroenteritis Viral...

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