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U.S. Pollution Cuts (2)

U.S. Pollution Cuts (2) - Hopeful U.S Pollution Cuts This...

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Hopeful U.S. Pollution Cuts This Thursday 05/29/08, a group of scientists and economists, pushed for the U.S. to pass laws that would potentially cut greenhouse gas emissions. The Senate is getting ready to propose a climate change bill that is opposed by the White House. Some of these potential laws could include fining the industries that are found guilty of polluting and cash rewarding those industries that are found to be protecting the environment.-The France 24 Website. Scientists, Economists Urge U.S. Pollution Cuts; by?. . May 2008. http://www.france24.com/en/20080529-scientists-economists-urge-us-pollution-cuts With the looming concern of the safety of our environment, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) issued a statement signed by 1,700 experts in the field that requested quick and significant pollution cuts. The theory behind quick action is that in doing so, we could prevent future high costs and massive hurricanes and floods. The statement released by UCS says, “The
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