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Julie WB Sikes Science News 9 Fighting Cancer with Sex Who would have thought it? Fighting cancer by getting busy…strange, but seemingly true. Tasmanian devils, beginning in 1996, began developing a contagious form of cancer. This cancer, call “Devil facial tumor disease”, has proved to be terribly fatal for the dog sized creatures. The typical Tasmanian devil life has a span of 5 to 6 years. They generally breed at the ages of two, three and four, but due to the new disease females that even breed at the age of 2 may not even live long enough to raise their first litter of offspring. -Schmid, Randolph E. “Young Tasmanian devils are getting busy”. MSNBC News. 15 July 2008. Retrieved on 15 July 2008. Because of this infectious disease, as well as dire consequences, the devils have amazingly begun to breed as early as the age of 1. Menna Jones, a researcher at the University of Tasmania in Australia has been examining and collecting data even before the disease outbreak, as well as
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