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Not Science Lab (2)

Not Science Lab (2) - Not Science Lab Julie W Bentley-Sikes...

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Not Science Lab Julie W. Bentley-Sikes Friday, May 23, 2008 On my “Not Science Lab”, I decided to test and see if people were able to read minds. I used a deck of cards to perform this, and also to be fair tested two men as well as two women. I decided that each person would get five chances and the cards would be shuffled after every guess. To begin with, I tested my employer who is a fifty year old male who isn’t much of a “pseudoscience” believer to begin with. My employer, Mike, received five guesses, none of which turned out to b e successful. I next tested my husband, Andrew, who is a 21 year old male that is also not an advocate of pseudoscience. Andrew received five guesses, and once again there was no luck. However, on one occasion the card number was correct but the suit was not. I then began with the women. My friend Jeannie, a 21 year old female, that I work with is good humored so she was more than willing to assist me in my experiment. After five well thought out guesses Jeannie surprisingly got one right! Her other four guesses were
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