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Global Warming- Hurricane Link Contrary to popular belief, a new study from the (NOAA) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by meteorologist Thomas Knutson suggests that the increase in global warming could actually decrease the number of hurricanes that we see each season by 18%. The “global warming hurricane debates” took off in 2005 when a new record of 28 tropical storms was set and our nation suffered the devastation and mass destruction of hurricane Katrina. –The National Geographic Website. Global Warming to Decrease Hurricanes, a Study Says; by Willie Drye. May 2008 What is the method in which this hurricane theory works? Well, according to Knutson, global warming could reduce the number of these hurricanes by increasing upper-level winds, (wind shear), that could actually prevent hurricane formation itself. Going back to my opening statement and my main topic of discussion…Although this
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