Chemistry Lab (2) - Julie W. Bentley-Sikes Chemistry Lab...

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Julie W. Bentley-Sikes Chemistry Lab Broken up below are the six parts to my chemistry lab. I did encounter technical difficulties that could not be remedied no matter what I did, so I filled in where I could with knowledge that I attained from other resources. I attempted to first uninstall and reinstall the two programs needed for the experiments and tests, but that was unsuccessful. I then tried to follow John’s directions for manipulating the registry, but my system is apparently different than his and couldn’t find the same “path” that he did. My husband and I bought a new laptop day before yesterday because two people taking online classes have no business sharing a computer; I opened up the lab on it twice, once in Firefox and once in IE…there was no luck there either. I live in NC, work full time and am currently taking 14 credit hours this summer semester, so I was unable to look elsewhere for a different/older computer. I’m sorry, but I just went ahead and used what resources I had available. Below are listed my descriptions of the sections of the lab:
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This note was uploaded on 03/11/2012 for the course BIOLOGY 1101 taught by Professor Yauck during the Fall '10 term at Middle Georgia.

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Chemistry Lab (2) - Julie W. Bentley-Sikes Chemistry Lab...

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