Black Hole Feeding Habits (2)

Black Hole Feeding Habits (2) - Julie W. Bentley-Sikes...

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Unformatted text preview: Julie W. Bentley-Sikes Science News 5 Black Holes Have Simple Feeding Habits Our universe consists of three different levels of black holes, at least that we now know of. The first, supermassive, like the one in the middle of the spiral galaxy M81 is around 70 million times more massive than our sun. The second type is Intermediate, but there is little known or discovered, so it is still somewhat unconfirmed. However, the third, being Stellar is much smaller in comparison to that of supermassive. Stellar black holes only have about 10 times more mass than the sun.-Harvard News (2008, June 18). Written by: Megan Watzke. Black Holes Have Simple Feeding Habits. EurekAlert. Retrieved June 19, 2008, from 06/cxc-bhh061808.php Einsteins relativity theory states that although there may be different sizes of black holes, they still share similar properties. Supermassive black holes acquire their source of food from pulling in gas from the central region of the galaxy at high speeds, whereas stellar black holes...
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