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Julie W. Bentley-Sikes Palladium I ended up choosing Palladium (1) because I had never heard of it before and (2) I noticed that no one else had chosen it. The discovery of palladium is found to have been in 1803 by a man named Williams Hyde Wollaston. Wollaston discovered palladium in crude platinum ore from South America. It was named “Palladium” after the asteroid Pallas that had been discovered two years prior. This naturally occurring element can be found as a free metal alloyed with gold and other platinum group metals. It is sometimes also found being produced from nickel-copper deposits. A final fact that I thought was quite interesting is that palladium can be found in two rare minerals that I didn’t even know existed: cooperate and polarite. There are many, many uses for palladium and have been for quite some time. As early as 1939, it has been used in the production of jewelry. It’s surprisingly whiter and harder than platinum which makes it pretty popular, and the fact that it’s cheaper doesn’t hurt either. Aside
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