Unit2HW - Unit 2 Basics Data Description Leo's Data Mine...

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Unit 2: Basics: Data Description Panther ID #: 3849135 Leo's Data Mine Describing and Summarizing Data Working with Data Histograms Outliers Summary Creating Histograms in Excel Central Values for Data The Mean The Median The Mode Summary Finding The Mean In Excel Finding The Median In Excel Finding The Mode In Excel Variability The Standard Deviation Calculating Interpreting Summary Finding in Excel The Coefficient of Variation Summary Applying Data Analysis Pricing the Scuba Schools Exercise 1: VA Linux Stock Bonanza Exercise 2: Employee Turnover Exercise 3: Honidew Internship Exercise 4: Scuba Regulations Exercise 5: Fluctuations in Energy Prices Exercise 6: Big Mart Personal Care Products Summary Relationships Between Variables Two Variables Variable and Time False Relationships Hidden Variables Summary Creating Scatter Diagrams in Excel Correlation Influence of Outliers Summary Finding in Excel Occupancy and Arrivals Exercise 1: The Effectiveness of Search Engines Exercise 2: Education and Income At left you will see an outline of the topics covered in Unit 2: Basics: Data Description. There are three homework problems associated with this unit; one for each major area. There is one tab for each problem in this workbook. Once you have completed the unit online, you should attempt these problems and submit them to your coach for assessment and feedback.
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Utility Charge Frequency Distribution 96 Class Interval Frequency % of Frequency 171 79-99 4 8% 202 100-119 7 14% 178 120-139 9 18% 147 140-159 13 26% 102 160-179
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Unit2HW - Unit 2 Basics Data Description Leo's Data Mine...

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