Unit3HW - Unit 3: Sampling & Estimation Introduction:...

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Introduction: The Scuba Problem Generating Random Samples How to Create a Representative and Unbiased Sample Taking a Random Sample Sample Size Learning about a Sample Response Rates Summary Classic Sampling Mistakes Solving the Scuba Problem (Part I) Exercise 1: The Bell Computer Problem Exercise 2: The Wave Problem Challenge: The Airport The Population Mean The Scuba Problem II Using Confidence Intervals Summary The Normal Distribution The z-statistic Summary Using Excel's Normal Functions Using the z-table Practice with Normal Curves The Central Limit Theorem Definition Summary Illustrating Uniform Bimodal Skewed Confidence Intervals Estimating a Population Mean II Summary Finding a Confidence Interval Wine Lover's Magazine Obtaining the z-value Summary Using Small Samples Finding the t-value The Good Ship Demiurgos Summary Choosing a Sample Size Summary Step-by-Step Guide Summary Excel Utility Solving the Scuba Problem II Exercise 1: The Veetek VCR Gambit Exercise 2: Pulluscular Pig Disorder Proportions The Customer Response Problem Confidence Intervals And Proportions Sample Size Finding a Preliminary Estimate of p-bar Summary Solving the Customer Response Problem Exercise 1: GMW Automotive Exercise 2: Crown Toothpaste Challenge: OOPS! Package Deliveries At left you will see an outline of the topics covered in Unit 3: Sampling and Estimation. There are five homework problems associated with
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Unit3HW - Unit 3: Sampling & Estimation Introduction:...

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