Unit7HW - Unit 7: Decision Analysis Introduction Decision...

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Unit 7: Decision Analysis Introduction Dining at Sea: The Chez Tethys Problem Introducing Decision Analysis Summary Decision Trees Uncertainty and Probability Summary Structuring Decision Trees Summary Incorporating Data into Decision Trees Decision Trees and Probabilities Summary Exercise 1: The Tardytech Blame Game Exercise 2: The First Bank of Silverhaven Exercise 3: The Shipping Bea Exercise 4: Wheel of Fortune Comparing the Outcomes Introducing the Expected Monetary Value Summary Relevant Costs Summary Time Horizons Summary Solving the Chez Tethys Problem Exercise 1: The Shipping Bea Flies Again Exercise 2: The SHAMH of the Century Exercise 3: The Gaiacorps Upgrade Exercise 4: Mopping up the Empire Exercise 5: The Eris Shoe Company Exercise 6: The Crumbling Empire Sensitivity Analysis Leo the Skeptic: The Uncertain Estimates Problem A Decision's Sensitivity to Outcome Estimates Summary Evaluating Non-Monetary Consequences Summary A Decision's Sensitivity to Probability Estimates Summary Solving the Uncertain Estimates Problem Exercise 1: Sensitive as a Truck Exercise 2: Sneakers of Discord Exercise 3: The SHAMH Continues At left you will see an outline of the topics covered in Unit 7: Decision Analysis. There are three homework problems associated with
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Unit7HW - Unit 7: Decision Analysis Introduction Decision...

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