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Communication Technology in Organizations 3/11/12 5:54 PM Emergence of Technlogies for Organizing Availability has grown quickly, many new technologies didn’t exist in 90s-00s. These communication technologies can really change a company Communication technologies increased productivity Improved communication flow Increased flexibility and responsiveness We can now communicate with people around the world extremely quickly Can be viewed critically: employees might feel alienation if all communication occurs through technlogy. Understanding Communication Technology Electronic systems used to facilitate connections between employees, organizations, and customers. Facilitates body of knowledge useful for guiding actions. Used for different purposes Efficiency and effectiveness: achieve goals with quickness. Productivity: value, innovativeness, and ease to accomplish goals. Knowledge management: storage and access of information Control: autonomy and freedom over decisions. Allow more freedom to employees Understanding Technology Use Destructive Use of Technology
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Counterproductive Activities Conflict with goals or organizations Nonproductive Activities Detract from personal/organizational goals Inappropriate Activities Attacking others, sending/forwarding inappropriate messages
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ch14 - Communication Technology in Organizations 3/11/12...

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