COMM 308 - paper 2

COMM 308 - paper 2 - Paper 2 As one of the most primal...

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Paper 2 As one of the most primal forms of communication, touch, is a quintessential element of the daily interactions we have with the outside world. For this paper I have been assigned to observe and write about my touching behaviors and how they effect those around me. Prior to this assignment I never paid much attention to my touching patterns, however, now I have started to become more aware of just how often I touch. I am a toucher. I noticed that I will touch anything if it is close enough for me to reach. Although I enjoy being knowing what my surroundings feel like; a major reason why I am a toucher is because as a female. It is more socially acceptable for females to touch others more than males. Generally, there are so many reasons that would lead a person to touch another. Touch is an inevitable part of communication. In regards to whether or not people touch me more than I do them, I feel as though others do touch me more frequently than I touch them. Part of the reason of why I am touched more often than I touch others is also because as a female it is known that we get touched with more frequency. I do not have an issue when it comes to touch, I do not mind it unless someone touches me so often that it begins to make me feel uncomfortable. In that case, I attempt to distance myself as quickly as possible. Fortunately, the people that I interact with on a regular basis are those who would not try to cause me harm or discomfort. Those who I allow to get close enough to touch me are within three general relationships
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COMM 308 - paper 2 - Paper 2 As one of the most primal...

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