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AHS 105, Spring 2011 Final Exam Essay Questions In the final exam I will choose one of the following essay questions for you to answer. Each question will require you to choose five objects to illustrate your answer. Please consider the questions carefully and prepare answers to each. In considering your answers, please consider preparing extra objects, because you must use objects that do not appear on the exam otherwise. Evaluation will be based on the cogency of your argument, your command of the material, and the effectiveness of your visual examples. You will need to choose objects that span the historical periods we’ve discussed — consult the syllabus and powerpoint lectures for stylistic divisions. Remember that you will be required to identify the object fully, and a full description will in- clude discussion of style, function, subject, and context. You will not be allowed to bring any notes with you to the exam. 1. We have seen a large variety of objects that use the human body as a main compositional ele-
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